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This is the home of BNDWine - the Wine Family site. This is a personal collection of photographs and other miscellaneous stuff. Being Stuff collectors, we expect this site to be cluttered up with stuff.


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Israel Trip 2005

Night Game: Brooklyn Cyclones (Mets) at the Staten Island Yankees 4/16/05 
Displayed in the Chrystie Street Gallery
June 3 to 19, 2005
Press Release



KiSuiAn Shakuhachi Master's Recital 1/27/07

Brooklyn Botanic Garden Shakuhachi Concert
Shakuhachi flutes
Shakuhachi Performance photos
Shakuhachi Camp Slide show
Temple Shaaray Tefila
Temple Shaaray Tefila Photo Galleries
Photo Meetup Postings-1, Postings-2
BND Camera Works

"Chair with a Smile"
My one and only Oil Painting

The Japanese Shakuhachi is an end blown flute which is played for Zen Meditation, Classical Japanese, Folk or Modern music.


Brooklyn Botanic Garden
Shakuhachi Concert, 4/28/2002

Shakuhachi Dojo

Star Trek model


My Older Brother's Site

My Twin and I

Baseball Fans

Israel 2005


Surgery gory details!
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Temple Shaaray Tefila, NYC
The Edgemont Association
The Edgemont Community Council
Neuromuscular Division NYU School of Medicine
Neurology Research Foundation
Rutkin Designs

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS-nyc.org)
Charcot-Marie-Tooth (CMTnyc.org)
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