Bob's Operation 6/29/05
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My spinal cord was under pressure and more serious damage could occur, so an operation was a necessary.  Loss of sensation and irregular gait are the symptoms. The operation was a Laminectomy with Spinal Fusion.  It involved Vertebrae C2 through C6, so there are 10 screws in my neck. See x-rays below.

Extensive rehabilitation after the operation was required.  As the fusion heals falling is not an option, so ambulatory support starts with a wheel chair; walker, cane, and finally no support.  After a few months of rehabilitation at the Rusk Institute of the New York University Medical Center I am almost as good a new.


Post-xray side-01
cervical diagram-02
Bob's Post Operative
side xray
Sample of support
Cervical vertebrae
C2 to C6 were involved


Laminectomy reduces pressure on the spinal nerves by making the spinal canal larger. In this operation, the lamina -- the bony back portion of the spine that covers the spinal canal -- is removed at the site of nerve irritation.

The Spine Institute (NY) - Laminectomy

Spinal fusion involves joining two or more vertebrae and fusing them into a single bone.  The key to success is getting the bone to heal together.  Hardware is a tool to reduce deformity and eliminate the need for a brace, but if the bone does not heal the hardware will eventually crush or break.

The Spine Institute (NY) - Spinal Fusion